With our vibrant, dependable staff and solution-oriented focus, we tailor our approach to be your premier dental staffing provider. Our team focuses on placing trusted dental professionals who care for your patients.


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Rae Senger

Rae Senger

Placement Specialist for Minnesota, Illinois, Any Other Location

Office: 608.492.5752

Email: rae@completemobiledentistry.com

Avery Berndt

Avery Berndt

Placement Specialist for Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana

Office: 608.492.5753

Email: avery@completemobiledentistry.com

Morgan Bostwick

Morgan Bostwick

Credentialing & HR Support

Office: 608.492.5741

Email: morgan@completemobiledentistry.com

Andy Swanson

Andy Swanson

Payroll Support

Office: 608.960.4419

Email: andy@completemobiledentistry.com

Michelle Schroeder

Michelle Schroeder

Billing Support

Office: 608.492.5744

Email: michelle@completemobiledentistry.com

For further questions regarding our processes or escalated circumstances, please contact Savannah Pederson at 608.709.2864 or email at savannah@completemobiledentistry.com

Complete Dental Staffing

4300 Duraform Lane/Windsor, WI 53598
Phone (Toll-Free): 877.837.1918
Phone (Local): 608.492.5733

Complete Dental Staffing

Complete Dental Staffing 4300 Duraform Lane/Windsor, WI 53598 Phone (Toll-Free): 877.837.1918 Phone (Local): 608.842.3218 Fax: 877.719.1612

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Lisa Hartig

Lisa Hartig


Office: 608.492.5740

Email: lisa@completemobiledentistry.com

Ken Hartig

Ken Hartig

Vice President

Office: 608.492.5739

Email: ken@completemobiledentistry.com

Kimberly Hoffmann

Kimberly Hoffmann

Business Operations Director

Office: 608.492.5747

Email: kim@completemobiledentistry.com


CDS Testimonial

With 35 years in the dental field, I can say that it is always a pleasure working with staff from Complete Mobile Dentistry....

Vickie BurkeDental Assistant - Springport, Indiana


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