Candidate Testimonials

Hear from some of our talented dental professionals.

What Candidates Have To Say About Complete Dental Staffing

Once I learned that Complete Mobile Dentistry was going to be providing staffing services as Complete Dental Staffing, I knew that, should an opportunity arise, I could enjoy the same qualities. Therefore, when an opportunity arose to become licensed in the state of South Dakota to provide dental services under the auspices of Complete Dental Staffing, I was more than happy and willing to apply for a South Dakota dental license and become more engrained in working with this group of competent professional service providers. 

Dr. A. Kirsis 

It is nice to know that you truly have my best interest at heart; I continue to comfortably place my trust in the two of you and in the other members of the CDS staffing team.

Locum Tenens Dentist 

I’ve really enjoyed working with Complete Dental Staffing. Rae Senger found me a position that worked exactly with my schedule and helped supplement my income while I was in between my job and buying my practice. They were easy to work with, gave me great support, and found a position within days of talking with them. I highly recommend them.

Dr. M. Gillins 

Working with CDS is just as rewarding as is my career. Adam and the staff are excellent and very professional. They pay great attention to detail and are supportive, always answering all of my questions and addressing all concerns. I have enjoyed the various assignments, appreciate the flexibility in my work schedule, and look forward to continuing our professional relationship.

Halina D., RDH 

As a dentist retired from forty years of private practice a few years ago, Complete Dental Staffing has been a great organization to be affiliated with. My representative has always listened to my needs and concerns and has worked hard to place me in great offices. I won’t work with any other agency because they have been excellent to work with these three years!!

Dr. A. O’Connell 

I have enjoyed working with CDS for years now because they have matched me with some really amazing offices and are so pleasant and easy to work with!

Lyndsey K., RDH 

I have been an RDH for almost 4 decades. I tried retirement for a little while but realized I wasn’t totally ready for that. Even though I am a new Grandma and would also like to spend as much time as possible with my two beautiful new granddaughters, I can still have the best of both worlds by being employed with Complete Dental Staffing. The transition to temporary dental hygiene has been so smooth and easy with this company. It can be anxiety-provoking to walk into a dental office for the first time and not know anything about the office. CDS will give you guidance and reassurance, with information about PPE, scheduling times, software usage, etc., beforehand. They are unbelievably kind and easy to work with! Thanks, Complete Dental Staffing! I am now a happy RDH and Grandma!

Ruth H., RDH