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A Dental Staffing Agency Founded on Hard Work, Passion and Family Values 

At age 12, Lisa Hartig had no idea what her future held. 

“I was always interested in healthcare and the field of dentistry. I decided to become a dental hygienist, largely because I had a cousin who worked as one. I loved that she was able to work part-time and attend her children’s activities while still being able to support her family. Being a mother was, and still is, my most important job, and I wanted to pursue a career that reflected that,” said Lisa.

After years of working in multiple states, including Michigan, North Carolina, West Virginia and California, Lisa realized how valuable dental staffing agencies are. 

“When one person calls in sick, it impacts the whole dental office. Calling a staffing agency and finding a replacement for that person makes things so much easier,” she said. 

When living in California, Lisa began working at a dental staffing agency. She loved getting to work in a wide variety of settings and making a lot of professional connections. However, after having her second child, she decided that it was best to move. She wanted to be closer to family and return to the Midwest, where she is from. 

About a year and a half after the move, Lisa found a dental staffing agency for sale. She decided to purchase it and began her journey as an entrepreneur.

“I decided to go ‘all in’ and give myself six months to establish Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc. I was scared because my family was not financially stable at the time. For a period of time, we received government assistance and did not have health insurance. I also spent my weekends traveling and recruiting staff, and it was difficult to be away from my kids. It was a big risk and there were a lot of unknowns,” she said.  

The risk was worth it. In 2005, Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc earned a contract with the United States Military. In 2019 Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc had a presence in 37 states and grew its net worth to over $25 million. 

“We became so successful because we are people-first and family-first. I have always said we are only as good as our staff, and we recruit and retain some amazing people,” she says. 

In 2015, Lisa decided to create Complete Dental Staffing, LLC, a sister company focusing on providing staffing services to local dental offices. Now, Complete Dental Staffing.LLC has worked with hundreds of clients across the country, ranging from single-service providers to dental service organizations (DSOs). 

“I love the field of dentistry. I love building relationships and connecting with different people. I love helping people and making a difference. And I cannot wait to see where that love and passion takes us.”

To learn more about Complete Mobile Dentistry, Inc and Complete Dental Staffing, LLC, contact Lisa Hartig at