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Complete Mobile Dentistry and Complete Dental Staffing Celebrate Over 10 Years of Supporting Tellurian, Inc.

Complete Mobile Dentistry/Complete Dental Staffing is celebrating over 10 years of supporting Tellurian, a nonprofit organization dedicated to treating people struggling with mental health and addiction.

Each year, Tellurian’s dually-certified medical team provides care to over 8,000 indigent people suffering from mental illness, addiction, and homelessness. Tellurian relies on outside funding to provide such care, making Complete Mobile Dentistry/Complete Dental Staffing’s support immensely valuable.

Complete Mobile Dentistry/Complete Dental Staffing’s President Lisa Hartig also serves on Tellurian’s Fundraising Board. As a Board Member, she helps plan two fundraising events each year, including Tellurian’s Annual ‘Not-a-Gala’ event and golf outing.

“I cannot say enough about how much Complete Mobile Dentistry/Complete Dental Staffing’s support means to us,” said Kevin Florek, Chief Executive Officer of Tellurian. “They have donated well over $100,000 to support our mission, and their team members are always willing to give their time and assist with our fundraising events. The impact they made on the community is nothing short of incredible.”

“Mental health is a cause our team cares deeply about, which is why we continue to work with Tellurian,” said Hartig. “Nothing should stand in the way from people getting the help they need to get better.”

Also, there is a complex relationship between mental health and oral health. “By supporting Tellurian’s work tackling mental health and addiction problems, we are simultaneously promoting good oral hygiene,” said Hartig.

To learn more about Tellurian’s mission and its upcoming charity golf outing, click here.